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Top 10 Shark Vacuum Cleaners OF 2021


Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum with Pet Power Brush
  • Dust cup capacity 2.2 quarts; Lift away; Press a button to lift the canister away and easily clean hard to reach areas
  • Anti-allergen complete seal technology plus a HEPA filter; Traps 99.9 percent of dust and allergens inside the vacuum
  • Powerful and lightweight; Portable and versatile at 13.7 pounds
  • Brush roll shutoff; Deep carpet and gentle bare floor cleaning
  • Hard floor hero attachment not included


Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum, Blue
  • Lift away press a button to lift the canister away and easily clean hard to reach areas
  • Anti-allergen complete seal technology, a HEPA filter traps 999 percent of dust and allergens inside the vacuum. The full unit weighs only 12.5 pounds, the canister alone is 7.5 pounds
  • Swivel steering, excellent control for maneuvering around furniture, dust cup capacity: 12 dry quarts
  • Large capacity, easy to empty dust cup extended cleaning without interruption
  • What’s included: (1) Upholstery tool, (1) 5.5 inch crevice tool


Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum with Wide Upholstery and Crevice Tools
  • Lift-Away: Lift Away the detachable pod and easily clean, above-floor areas like stairs and furniture.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter trap dust and allergens inside the vacuum.
  • Powerful, lightweight, and versatile at only 14 lbs.
  • Brushroll shutoff allows you to instantly switch from deep carpet cleaning to gentle bare floor cleaning.
  • Swivel Steering for excellent control to maneuver around furniture.
  • Upholstery Tool, and two lengths of Crevice Tool included for versatile cleaning.


Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor
  • Dust cup capacity 1.3 quarts. Powerful upright vacuum with lift away pod for convenient cleaning of stairs and above floor areas
  • Anti-allergen complete seal technology, HEPA
  • Rotator technology enhanced swivel steering and better deep carpet cleaning
  • Lightweight & ultra quiet operation. Hose length (feet): 8.4
  • Premium pet tools and ergo cleaning accessories


Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum with HEPA Filter, Crevice Tool
  • Shark’s original full-sized Powered Lift-Away. The pod detaches to deep-clean, hard-to-reach areas while still delivering power to keep the brushroll spinning.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter trap over 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum.
  • Large capacity with full-size performance for a whole-home clean
  • LED headlights to spot hidden debris.
  • Fingertip controls allow you to easily switch from Hard Floor to Carpet mode.
  • 5-year limited warranty


Shark Rocket Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning
  • Converts into a handheld vacuum for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning
  • Extra tools allows you to reach tight spaces, tackle pet hair and much more for a whole-home clean
  • Fingertip controls to easily switch from hard floor to carpet cleaning
  • Hang the handheld vacuum from the hook on the bottom of the wand for convenient storage
  • Swivel steering for excellent control and to maneuver around furniture. Cleaning path width (inch): 8.5
  • Includes: Shark Rocket Corded Stick vacuum, crevice tool, pet multi-tool, precision duster


Shark ZU561 Navigator Lift-Away Speed Self Cleaning Brushroll Lightweight Upright Vacuum
  • Self-cleaning brushroll for powerful pet hair pickup with no hair wrap.
  • Use as an upright vacuum for powerful floor and carpet cleaning. Or for more portability, detach the pod to go into Lift-Away mode to easily clean, above-floor areas like furniture and stairs.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter traps over 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner.
  • Swivel Steering provides effortless maneuverability for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.
  • Suction control slider to manage suction power from hard floors to carpets.
  • An easily removable, bagless dust cup for quick emptying.


Shark Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Pro (ZU62) Upright Vacuum, Pewter Grey Metallic
  • Dust cup capacity 2. 8 quarts; The vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself; The zero m self cleaning brush roll delivers nonstop hair removal
  • Powerful upright vacuum suction to pick up embedded debris, stubborn pet hair, and more
  • Lightweight design allows for easy maneuverability and portability
  • 3XL capacity for long cleaning sessions with fewer interruptions to empty the dust cup
  • Anti allergen complete seal technology and a hepa filter trap dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner


Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright Corded Stick Vacuum, Bordeaux
  • No loss of suction. To clean bare floors, area rugs, or with accessories-slide the power switch to setting l, bare floor, small area rugs. Tilt the handle back while gently stepping on the floor nozzle. The brushrolls will spin slowly in this mode. To clean carpets-slide the power switch to setting ll, High Pile Carpets. Tilt the handle back while gently stepping on the floor nozzle. The brushrolls will spin quickly in this mode
  • Powerful 2 in 1 vacuum deep cleans your carpets and hardwood floors
  • Perfect for quick pickups; Cord length: 25 feet
  • Designed to clean everywhere with the included attachments; Rinse both with tap water until the water runs clean, then air dry completely and insert back into your vacuum


Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning
  • Never loses suction or power
  • Cleans carpets and bare floors
  • Lightweight – only 7 pounds. Amps- 4.2. Wattage- 500
  • Versatile floor to ceiling cleaning
  • Never Loses Suction or Power
  • Cleans Bare Floors and Deep Cleans Carpets
  • Lightweight

How To Choose A Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning your home often becomes a long and tedious task that no one wants to do, but you can speed things up with the help of a good ally: a vacuum cleaner. There are different types of this appliance that we choose based on the use we have in mind. There are many aspects to keep in mind when choosing the right vacuum cleaner, so here on OneHowTo, we want to help you with this article on how to choose a vacuum cleaner.

Steps to follow:

One of the main factors that must be taken into account when choosing your vacuum cleaner is the device’s power. This is not measured so much by the unit Watts (average around 1400 and 2200W), but rather by the suction power. This should be at least 400 watts.


The power required for your vacuum cleaner will be related to the surface that you want to clean. That is to say, the size of the area and what type of flooring, carpeting .etc. that you have.

There are certain brands of vacuum cleaners that are specific for certain types of floors such as those by Dyson. If you have had problems vacuuming your floor with a regular vacuum cleaner, buying a specialized one is a good option.


You can choose between different types of vacuum cleaner:

  • Vacuum sleigh: “the everyday vacuum” that features a removable tube and carries bags inside to catch the dirt. It has different types of nozzles, brushes and other accessories to allow deep cleaning and reach any nook or cranny. This is a great option if you want to clean your whole house with the vacuum in the most effective way. There are a lot of models and prices, so you can buy the one that satisfie more your needs.
  • Canister Vacuum: similar to the model above but without bags, because they have a specific repository for accumulating any dust or dirt that they suck up. Besides not having purchase vacuum bags, these cleaners typically have a higher capacity. Is very important that you buy a cyclonic one.
  • Vacuum cleaner broom: this is an vacuum shaped like a broom, so it weighs less than the models discussed above, and it is battery operated. Not being connected to the mains, these models are less powerful and, therefore, are generally less efficient. On the plus side, you won’t have any cables hanging around that can make it more difficult to vacuum properly. There are a lot of designs on the market, so you should buy the best vacuum cleaner broom considering this autonomy, power and flexibility.
  • Robot vacuum cleaner: this is the most innovative vacuum model that cleans your floors. You only need to pop it on the floor and off it goes. It cannot collect a lot of dirt and some models may have difficulty cleaning edges and corners. This type is perfect to buy to clean

You must also decide whether to opt for a vacuum filter or a model without a filter; this is highly recommended for people with allergies, since the HEPA filters also trap these allergens and may prevent symptoms and discomfort.


Another aspect that must be taken into account when choosing a vacuum cleaner will be the noise level as it can be very annoying if this exceeds 70 dB.


When you buy your cleaning appliance, you should also evaluate other factors such as the price, the cable length, the fact of having or not having any wheels, nozzles and accessories, etc.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner it’s important to asses your needs and calculate the use you will get out of it. Sometimes it’s worth spending a bit more in exchange for a more efficient and less time-consuming vacuum