Shark AZ2002

Vertex Vacuum
DuoClean PowerFins


Vertex combines incrediblesuction with breakthroughinnovation for Shark’s mostpowerful clean.

Shark AZ2002 Upright Vacuum Vertex DuoClean PowerFins

The Shark Vertex Powered Lift-Away is Shark’s most powerful vacuum, featuring DuoClean PowerFins. While the soft front roller pulls in particles, PowerFins deliver nonstop contact to pick up more in every pass. (vs. original DuoClean) Plus, Powered Lift-Away lets you detach the pod to go under furniture with a motorized nozzle or clean above the floor with a push of a button. Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter trap 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner.

Tackle all floors with power

HyperVelocity accelerated suction gives you Shark’s most powerful cleaning experience.

Clean under furniture

Lift Away the pod for motorized cleaning under furniture.

Clean above the floor

Lift Away the pod for portable cleaning of stairs, overhead areas, furniture, and more.

DuoClean PowerFins

This dual-brushroll system picks up more dirt in every pass*—with no hair wrap. PowerFins deliver continuous cleaning contact on carpets & floors, while a soft roller leaves a polished look on floors.

Shark HZ2002

Vertex Ultralight
DuoClean PowerFins


Vertex combines incredible suction with Duo Clean Power Fins fordeep cleaning with no gaps. Plus, an under-3-pound hand vacdetaches in seconds for quick cleans.

Shark HZ2002 Corded Stick Vacuum Vertex Ultralight DuoClean PowerFins

The Shark Vertex features a handheld vacuum that weighs less than three pounds but packs big suction power. The Shark Vertex UltraLight includes DuoClean PowerFins – a PowerFin roller and a soft roller combine on all floors for continuous cleaning contact to dig deep into carpets, directly engage floors, and pick up more in every pass. Streamlined, low-profile design for under-furniture reach. LED user interface makes it easy to change cleaning modes to floors, carpets, or above-floor areas.

On furniture with no hair wrap

The Self-Cleaning Pet Power Brush tackles stubborn pet hair on furniture and upholstery, all with no hair wrap.

Lightweight above-floor reach

Remove the ultra-lightweight hand vacuum for versatile cleaning in tight spaces. Attach the wand to access hard-to-reach spots in your home.

Powerful hand vacuum for tight spaces

Take powerful cleaning anywhere—with a tapered design and rubberized tip, the handheld vacuum can be used without accessories.

Shark IZ462H

Vertex Ultra
Lightweight Anti-Allergen

The ultimate cleaning experience, redefined.

Vertex cordless combines incredible suction with Shark’smost advanced brushroll innovation-Duo Clean Power Fins fordeep cleaning with no gaps.

Shark IZ462H Vertex Ultra Lightweight Anti-Allergen Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum

The Shark Vertex combines incredible suction power with the convenience of a lightweight cordless stick. Featuring DuoClean PowerFins technology with two brushrolls, you get deep cleaning to pick up more in every pass and a MultiFLEX wand for flexible reach and compact storage. Removable battery with up to 60 minutes of runtime measured at the hand vacuum in standard mode. Can transforms to a hand vacuum for lightweight above-floor cleaning.


Detach the wand from the floornozzle to clean areas highabove the floor like windowsand ceiling fans.

Powerfulhand vacuumfor tight spaces

Take powerful cleaning anywhere-deep-clean crevices and tight spaces with the hand vacuum andincluded attachments.

Easy-emptyXL dust cup

Extra capacity to handlelong cleaning sessions Eject debris in secondswithout ever having totouch the mess.