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Well, the thing about vacuuming is that it’s never a pleasurable chore. The mere act of it tends to get on your nerves, and tussles with your peace of mind.

And do not even get me started on the kind of noise that ensues the entire time. That alone can make you feel like breaking a thing or two.

Add to that the already existing pile of trash you do have to take out!

One of the toughest feats to achieve while vacuuming is getting down to the floors and carpets and sucking the dirt off it. This is because the suction of the device isn’t often the kind that helps to clean the dirt entirely and efficiently.

But what if I told you that all of those infuriating battles with your conventional vacuum cleaner could be ended right now? Not that you’d believe me straightway, right?

Well then, let me just cut the long talk out and show what I have in store for you today!

The star of my review today is the Shark Apex vacuum cleaner that gives you floors and carpets as sparkling as that smile on your face right now!

Shark Apex DuoClean Vacuum Reviews Mar 2021: About the product

The Shark Apex is a revolutionary new vacuum cleaning system that’s specially designed for efficient multi-floor cleaning. Packed with a ton of incredible cleaning features, this product has become one of the most raved domestic appliances in the market.

With the brand’s patented “DuoClean Technology” the cleaner delivers a deep-cleaning session for all your carpets, rugs and patterned floors made of almost any material that you can think of!

The other admirable thing about the product is the kind of amazing noise reduction technology that it employs to give you the silence you deserve.

Standout features of the product

The Shark Apex vacuum cleaning system is undeniably winning many hearts by sucking up the day’s mess effortlessly off the floors. And the device does that job so smoothly owing to the numerous cleaning features and options that it comes with.

I have discussed some of the prominent, outstanding features of the product for you to understand all that you will get in this vacuum cleaner.

The DuoClean Technology

This consists of a “dual brushroll system” that is strategically designed to clean your carpets, rugs, and linoleums deeply, absorbing all the gunk and grease right out of them.

One of the things it does is interact with every subtle surface feature of your floors to efficiently clean and polish the same, making them spankingly clean.

Active Glide

It is common to lose suction pressure on the vacuum head while you’re moving the appliance onto the floor, especially when you’re suddenly changing the surface that you’re cleaning. This movement keeps the appliance from moving smoothly onwards.

The Active Glide feature in Shark Apex allows you to seamlessly maneuver the cleaner onto any surface without losing suction pressure. This comes in immensely useful while cleaning the carpets that require you to change the cleaning surface frequently.

Noise Reduction

An incredibly vital aspect of the cleaner is its noise reduction feature. This reduces the immensely annoying noise of the vacuum cleaner and even softens the pitch of the sound. This helps you to clean your house in peace and maintain a calm environment for your pets as well.

Power-lift away, upright and under appliance wand modes

The Power Lift-Away mode enables the motorized cleaner head to easily reach under the furniture for hassle-free cleaning. The Upright Mode on the device makes it easy for you to maneuver the device with a “dynamic swivel steering” for quick and convenient cleaning.

The Under Appliance Wand with a “flip extension upside down” feature cleans under heavier, immovable furniture as well as the underside of the objects.

Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal

This has been by far the most helpful feature to me personally, owing to my dust allergy. The Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal efficiently seals up and emits 10x fewer particles than what is required by the HEPA standards (based on ASTM F1977 down to 0.3 microns) when cleaning up pollen, pet hair, and dust.

This makes the environment amazingly clean and securely contains all of the dirt up within, preventing any leaks that could contaminate the air.

My experience with the product

My personal experience with this cleaning appliance has been nothing short of fabulous. I came across the Shark Apex cleaning vacuum cleaning system on one of those regular portals selling your usual home-appliances. But the catch in it was the sheer number of positive reviews that this one had secured since its launch.

One of my friends had been an ardent Shark fan and does swear by its cleaning efficiency still.

And as I noticed some of the positive reviews coming from people who were allergic to dust, I decided to give this one a try, just to check out the mechanisms of an apparently hyped product.

But I was proven wrong the minute I started using the device. Not only did it clean up the entire house within an incredibly short span of time, but the amount of dirt it collected made me question my way of living (and don’t you dare to doubt my cleanliness habits!)

The noise reduction and allergen-sealing features were the most useful for both me and my dog, Emmet, who gets quite cranky when the vacuum comes to the room.

The canister on the powered lift-away feature extends itself while cleaning. It does an excellent job of deep cleaning the inaccessible areas while maintaining a consistent power supply that keeps the dual brushrolls spinning.

The system did an incredible job of deep-cleaning all of the carpets and floors, removing even the entire amount of dog-hair that otherwise remains in them for eternity.

What could have been better?

Although this is one heck of a vacuum cleaner that I would recommend to everyone, be aware of its bulky proportions and weight! You might think that this one’s not going to be as cumbersome as the one back home, but sadly, it rains on the parade on that front. Cleaning this thing might take a lot of effort.

Also, the price is a bit on the steeper end, and that can be pretty disheartening to many people.

But apart from this, the device could be the answer to your prayers when it comes to cleaning those dirty floors.


So that was all for my review on the crazy Shark Apex vacuum cleaning system. Hope you enjoyed reading about how much gunk it pulled out of my carpet (which I thought wasn’t there), and I hope it does the same for you too!


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